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Welcome to the Dictionaries page. Just as there are general dictionaries on the Internet, so there are specialist ones as well - similar to my Encyclopedias Page.

When I first started this section of my site I though it would be an easy task. Instead I found literally hundreds of on-line dictionary resources. I have intentionally left out translation dictionaries except American-English / English-American  (although I may address this issue at a later time) but have included the odd thesaurus  and a glossary or three.

It is sometimes a very thin line between a dictionary and an encyclopedia. Often what is termed a dictionary should really be an encyclopedia, and vice versa. I have adhered to the descriptions given for the sites on the Internet even though I may sometimes disagree with them.

For your information, the Cambridge dictionary gives the following definitions:


1 a book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order with their meanings explained or written in another language, or a similar product for use on a computer:
          a French-English/English-French dictionary
          a bilingual/monolingual dictionary
          To check how a word is spelt, look it up in a dictionary.

2 a book which gives information about a particular subject, in which the entries are given in alphabetical order:
          a biographical/science dictionary
          a dictionary of quotations.


1 a book or set of books containing many articles arranged in alphabetical order which deal either with the whole of human knowledge or with a particular part of it:
          The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

I think that you'll agree that the second definition for Dictionary seems very close to the latter part of the definition for Encyclopedia.


You will find medical dictionaries listed here. Never rely simply on your own diagnosis of an illness or disease. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Don't forget, if you have a site that you feel will fit onto this page then please email me and I'll try to include it in the next update.


Quick Links:

A:  Acronyms   Addictions   Aerospace   Alchemy   Algorithms   Alternative healing   Animals   Aquaculture   Aromatherapy   Art   Astronomics   Astronomy for kids    B:  Baha'i faith   Ballet   Bible   Bible names   Botanical words   Breast cancer   Buddhism   Business terms    C:  California Indians   Cancer drugs   Canting (thieving)   Card games   Cattle   Christian biography   Christian theology   Climbing   Cockney slang   Comic book words   Composite materials   Computing   Cooking   Cookery   Cork slang   Cosmetics   Costume   Countries   Cryptography   Culinary terms    D:  Dairy glossary   Dependencies   Depression   Devil's dictionary   Diabetes   Diets   Difficult words   Digestive diseases   Divorce   Dog breeds   Double-tongue   Drinks/cocktails   DTP    E:  Economics   Egypt   Electrochemistry   Elizabethan   English slang   Embroidery    F:  Famous people   Farrier terms   Fart slang   Fiction   Film production   Financial   Fine arts   Fish    G:  Game theory   Gardening   Geography   Geology   Goats   Golf   Grandiloquence    H:  Herbal recipes   Hinduism   History   History of ideas   Horses    I:  Investment   Investor words   Irish writers   Islam    J:  Japanese buddhism   Judaism   Jules Verne    K:  Kitchen    L:  Law (American)   Legal glossary   Life science   Longman on-line    M:  Medical   Medical terms   Mental health   Military terms   Mining   Mormonism   Mythology    N:  Nautical   Needlework   Non PC   Nonsense words   Nonverbal   Nutritional values    O:  Operas    P:  Paranormality   Pesticides   Phobias   Photography   Photonics   Physics   Picture dictionary   Pigs   Plasma   Poetry   Poisonous plants   Poker (1)   Poker (2)   Prison slang   Pseudo words   Psychology    Q:  Quotations    R:  Rap   Rhyming words 1   Rhyming words 2   Roget's thesaurus    S:  Scientists   Scottish slang   Scrabble   Shakespearian   Sheep   Skeptics   Solar system   Sound-alike words   Speech   Strange and unusual    T:  Theology   Tree biology    U:  Units   Urologic diseases    V:  Verse   Vulgar tongue    W:  Weapons   Wiktionary   Windsurfing   Wine   Wine terms    Y:  Yachting   Yorkshire



Acronyms - Mainly acronyms used in Internet chat rooms or in newsgroups.

Addictions and Dependencies - This excellent resource covers many addictions and dependencies, both legal and illegal. If you know someone who you think, or know, is dependent on a substance (including tobacco or alcohol), you may find some helpful information at this site. Many thanks to Martin Vivek, the Outreach Director of the Addiction Library, for pointing this site out to me.

Aerospace - An excellent source of information based on an original publication by NASA. For instance, did you know that Betelgeuse means the armpit of Orion?

Alchemy - An extensive dictionary of alchemical terms.

Algorithms and Data Structures - Fascinating, if you can understand the language and mathematics!

AlphaDictionary - Type in a word and it will search 1,065 on-line dictionaries. How cool is that? Stacks of other things to look at on this excellent, very adictive site. Highly recommended.

Alternative Healing - Sometimes when reading about healing and other esoteric arts you come across words that you would like to know the meaning of. This site has tried to compile a dictionary/glossary that includes different forms of healing, esoteric words, religions and information about the organs in the human body

American Heritage Dictionary - A comprehensive dictionary of American English.

Animals - From answers.com. This site includes not only animals but birds and fish as well.

Answers - Gives you free access to over 4 million topics from over 100 dictionaries, encyclopedias and much more......! An excellent resource.

Aquaculture - Over 2,500 aquaculture definitions including 280 tables, 250 pictures and 120 calculations.

Art - In this dictionary you'll find definitions for more than 3,600 terms used in discussing art / visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references.

Aromatherapy - Although a little short on content the entries are full and descriptive. A good site from Answers.com.

AskOxford - An excellent site offering you the chance to search the resources of Oxford Dictionaries for words, quotations and more. Highly recommended.

Astronomical Terms - This site contains much more for those interested in Astronomy, Space or even Amateur Radio. It even has a whole stack of software that you can download. Well worth a look.

Kids Astronomy - A good source of fun for children while they learn about astronomy. The site includes games and other features to make this a great site to visit.

Australian Slang - From Ace to Zack, the Australian language is a rich source of slang expressions.

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Baha'i - Just about everything you ever wanted to know about the Baha'i faith is contained in this site.

Ballet - The American Ballet Theatre's Online Ballet Dictionary is a unique interactive resource designed to bring dance to the Web and make it accessible to everyone. Dover Publications has graciously allowed the use of 170 terms from the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet.

Bible - An extensive set of dictionaries of the Bible. It also contains the full text of the King James version of the Bible plus links to others, including the King James Illustrated, Basic English and American Standard. An exhaustive resource.

Bible Names - A comprehensive dictionary of names from the Bible and their meaning. Looking for a name for your new baby? How about Blastus - That buds or brings forth.

Biographical - This dictionary covers more than 33,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. Everyone can edit the biographies here, or even make their own. This leads to a constantly changing, and up to date, resource.

The dictionary can be searched by birth years, death years, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other keywords.

Biology - A good resource for biological terms (although you have to be a biologist to understand some of the definitions).

Botanical Words - Just as it says. For instance, did you know that 'Bisetose' means 'having two bristles'? Get out there and astound your friends with more botanical terms!

Breast Cancer - This unique 'talking dictionary' contains a wealth of information on this all too common disease. Not only can you look up the various terms associated with breast cancer but you can also hear the words pronounced by a host of celebrities who have collaborated on this project.

Other sections include 'Lower your risk'. 'Symptoms and diagnosis', 'Treatment', and many other topics making this site more of an encyclopedia that a dictionary. Highly recommended.

Buddhism - A comprehensive, well written, glossary of the Buddhist faith. Contains links to many other facets of the faith including beliefs, deities and practices.

Business Terms - A remarkable selection of business dictionaries covering a wide range of professional fields, such as Marketing, Real Estate, Finance and Banking. There is even a dictionary of money-laundering terms!

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California Indians and their Reservations - All you ever wanted to know (if you ever did) about the Indians of California.

Cambridge Dictionaries - Choose between seven different dictionaries including Advanced, Learners, American English, idioms, Phrasal Verbs, French / English and Spanish / English. A excellent language resource.

Cancer Drugs - Contains technical definitions and synonyms for more than 500 agents that are being used in the treatment of patients with cancer or cancer-related conditions.

Some entries in the dictionary also include a link to a list of clinical trials in which the drug or agent is currently being used.

Cancer Terms -  A resource with more than 6,000 terms related to cancer and medicine produced by the US National Cancer Institute.

Canting (thieving slang), 1736 - A collection of the canting words and terms, both ancient and modern, used by beggars, gypsies, cheats, house-breakers, shop-lifters, foot-pads, highway-men, etc.

Nathan Bailey published this slang glossary in 1737, and he didn't hold back: there are sex slang terms along with prison slang and even eighteenth century urban slang phrases! Is it a slang dictionary or a slang glossary? The author called it a dictionary of canting terms, and it's certainly more than just a list of slang words and their meanings. Amusing reading.

Card Games - Or is it a glossary or encyclopedia? Lists over 190 different card games and how to play them.

Cattle - All you  ever wanted to know about breeds of cattle.

Christian - The Crossmap dictionary is a one of a kind Christian dictionary with compiled entries from 4 leading Christian dictionaries: the ATS Bible Dictionary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, King James Dictionary, and Smith's Bible Dictionary. 

Christian Biography and Literature to the end of the Sixth Century A.D., (With an Account of the Principal Sects and Heresies) - I think the title says it all, don't you?

Christian Theology - In reading or learning about Christianity, one encounters numerous words that are not often found in common usage. There is no better way to learn what these words mean than a good dictionary of theology. Most of the words you'll need to know as you become familiar with the faith are defined here ... and probably many you won't need to know.

Climbing - This dictionary gives definitions of American and English climbing terms and translations of those terms in other languages.

Cockney Rhyming Slang - Incorporating Cockney rhyming slang from London, England and rhyming slang from all over the UK

Collins Word Exchange - This dictionary even contains a Scrabble search which returns the score that you'd achieve, in addition to an anagram solver, a crossword solver and a dictionary of texting. Register with the site and you can get much more out of it.

Comic Book Words (On Historical Principles) - Based on the latest conclusions of the most dubious wordologists and comprising many hundreds of new words which modern literature, science and philosophy have neglected to acknowledge as true, proper and useful terms and which have never before been published in any lexicon

Composite Materials Technology - The Composite Materials Glossary is the online version of CRC Press' Dictionary of Composite Materials Technology by Stuart Lee. This is an expanded version of the print dictionary; material from the original print version is marked with a CRC Press copyright. Unmarked definitions and all other material are original to the online dictionary.

Computing - A very good dictionary of computer terminology written in terms you can understand.

Concentration Camp - Although I have resisted including dictionaries containing foreign words (to a greater extent) this one should be read by all.

It has been written by Oliver Lustig, a survivor of Birkenau-Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps. Many words are used in the context of his experiences at the camps and they tell a harrowing tale, often sickening and painful to read. Very highly recommended.

Contemporary English - LDOCE ONLINE allows you to use the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Updated Edition to look up virtually ANY word on the Internet. The online version of the dictionary contains over 207,000 words, phrases, and meanings including 7,000 references to people, places, events and organizations, such as Madonna, Milwaukee, and Manchester United. You get an instant response!

Hint: Click on the 'Online' button.

Cooking (1) - A wonderful resource of cookery and food terms from Acetic Acid to Zwieback. This site also contains a veritable cornucopia of recipes, hints and tips, charts and just about everything else for the budding chef. It even has recipes for your pets. Highly recommended.

Cooking (2) - From Recipe Atlas. Contains an extensive list of terms from 'a la' to 'Zwyieka'.

Cork Slang - A Dictionary of Cork Slang is a collection of those words, not usually found in dictionaries, but which give colour, vigour and individuality to a language. It explains the meanings of the words, gives examples of their usage, and traces their derivations from sources as predictable as the Irish language to such exotic and unexpected ones as Hindustani (the Munster Fusiliers brought words home with them) to Shelta (the language of the Gypsies), English, French, Norse, Dutch, German, etc. There are circa 370 words, about 1,000 derivations and 21 illustrations by the renowned Cork artist William Harrington.

Cosmetics Ingredients - This dictionary lists many of the ingredients used by natural cosmetics manufacturers, including Aubrey Organics®. Ingredients are listed in alphabetical order, using their most common names.

Costume - A visual dictionary of of fashion from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Country Flags - The title of this site is rather misleading as it is more an encyclopedia of countries. The information contained (taken from The World Factbook, prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency) includes a potted history for each of the countries listed as well as much more information. Highly recommended.

Cryptography - Very heavy going but if you want to know the difference between a Feistel Network and a Commutative Ring this is the place to be.

Culinary Index - A dictionary and history of cooking, food, and beverage terms. A very good resource, particularly for the history of food and drink.

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Dairy Terms - A glossary of terms for the dairy industry in English, French, Chinese and Spanish.

Dental Terms - A one page list of terms relating to individual teeth, dental terms and procedures. There is a search facility at the end of the page.

Depression - Confused by all the psychobabble you're hearing? Consult this glossary to see what those psychological and psychiatric terms really mean.

Desktop Publishing - Take a look at the terminology of graphics, especially as it applies to desktop publishing. Get definitions, examples, and tutorials.

Devil's Dictionary - Text by Ambrose Bierce, 1911; copyright expired. Etext version by Aloysius West, 1993 Apr 15.

Since the material here represents the view of one individual and was written in the early years of the last century, there will no doubt be material here that you will find sexist, nationalist, racist, or just generally offensive. Proceed at your own risk.

I particularly like the definition of a Lawyer - 'One skilled in circumvention of the law'.

Diabetes - From the American Diabetes Association. A comprehensive listing of terms associated with diabetes.

Dictionary.com - I suppose that this one has to be the daddy of them all as it contains a thesaurus, grammar guides, word games, a crossword dictionary, translations and much, much more.

Diets - Another great dictionary from Answers.com. A list of major diets and the concepts behind them.

Difficult Words - Do you aim to become a member of the literati, or do you wish to be a savant? Do you want to avoid being verbigerative and be succinct instead? Search the Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words' A-Z index of over 13,900 difficult words to increase your vocabulary or just find out what those words really mean!

Digestive Diseases - This dictionary is designed for people who suffer from digestive diseases. The terms range from 'Abdomen' to 'Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome'.

Divorce - Boasts over 8 million hits. Something I hope I never have to use as a reference source!

Dog Breeds - Everything from Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier from Answers.com. What, nothing beginning with a Z?

Double-Tongued - The Double-Tongued Dictionary records undocumented or under-documented words from the fringes of English. It focuses upon slang, jargon, and other niche categories which include new, foreign, hybrid, archaic, obsolete, and rare words. It even contains words and phrases that you may wish to include in your own vocabulary. How about a pair of 'gummy bears' for the wife?

Dreams (1) - Some pretty weird stuff on this site but if you want to try interpreting your dreams, this is the place to be.

Dreams (2) - Do you ever dream of abalone? Neither do I but it seems that some people do. It gets weirder as you delve.

Drinks and Cocktails - Every conceivable cocktail recipe from the Web Tender - your on-line bartender (gimme another one of those - hic!).

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Economics - The basic building blocks of economics and business — such as the distinction between stocks and bonds, or the effect of interest rates on the stock market — from The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, which contains definitive and comprehensive information on all the fields of essential human knowledge from ancient to cutting-edge.

Egypt - Helps you to sort out your Ahlaqs from your semograms. A whole stack of travel-related information too as a bonus.

Electrochemistry - A simply laid out dictionary of electrochemical terms.

Elizabethan - The Shakespeare language used in the works of the Bard is rich and colourful, but many of his odd words are no longer in current use or in the modern dictionary and the origins meanings of the Elizabethan vocabulary are totally unfamiliar. This excellent site will help you to understand his works and the words used therein.

Embroidery and Needlework - An illustrated dictionary for those with a bent for embroidery and needlework.

English Slang and Colloquialisms (Used in the UK) - A monster online dictionary of the rich colourful language we call slang... all from a British perspective, with new slang added every month. An excellent site for anybody who wants to delve into the stranger side on the English language.

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Famous People - Or should that be encyclopedia? Now with over 2,800 mini biographies of people, characters and creatures plus links to sites associated with them.

Farrier Terms - From the International Equine Resource Centre. Everything you need to know about shoeing horses - and more.

Fart Slang - From Silly Jokes Joke and Party Shop. With over 160 definitions this is one of the most comprehensive fart dictionaries on the WWW. Contains many other fart-associated pages - check out the Farting Nun Organ! Somebody recently gave me a bottle of Absolute Raspberry, which I found out was a flavoured vodka.

Fine Arts - Terms relating to the fine arts, including music, art and architecture — both classical and contemporary.

Food - Search the dictionary of more than 4,000 food terms and you'll never have to eat your words again. Contains extensive, well-written articles on just about everything you ever wanted to know about food.

Fiction - From Bartleby.com. Provides the best works of fiction from a wide range of classic authors.

Film Production - The Dictionary is an extensive on-line reference of film, video and audio terminology as applicable to production and post production.

Financial - One of the main sources of this financial dictionary is the financial glossary by Campbell R. Harvey, renowned finance expert and J. Paul Sticht, professor of International Business at Duke University. It provides concise definitions of 8,000 terms with 18,000 useful links. This information comes from the world of banking and investing, providing users with thorough and reliable meanings to all the most common, and even uncommon, financial terms.

Fish - From Fishbase. Search through 29,400 species, 222,300 common names, 42,600 pictures and 38,600 references. I'd say that was pretty comprehensive by anyone's standards.

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Game Theory - Learn how to outsmart everyone else!

Gardener's - From the National Gardening Association (of the USA).

Access more than 15,000 entries, including an extensive selection of plants and varieties, fruits, herbs, vegetables, botanical terms, pests, diseases, pesticides, fertilizers, soils, tools, materials, and techniques.

There are many more sections to this site including: a handy plant finder, weed, Q and A and Pest control libraries a plant care guide and how-to projects, to name but a few. Highly recommended.

Geography (1) - This dictionary is primarily aimed at supporting secondary/senior/high school and early tertiary students who are studying Geography or related subjects such as Earth Sciences.

Geography (2) - Another excellent glossary from About.com.

Geology and Earth Science - Consult this geology dictionary for definitions, images and short articles about the most commonly used geological terms.

Goats - All you ever wanted to know about the different breeds of goat.

Golf - This glossary of golf terminology - from A to Z - includes all the words you really need to "talk the talk" even if you can't "walk the walk" (or hit the bloody ball).

Gradiloquent - This is the result of an ongoing project to collect and distribute the most obscure and rare words in the English language. It also contains a few words which do not have equivalent words in English. At present, the dictionary contains approximately 2700 words, though it is constantly growing.

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Hardboiled Slang - If you've ever read a hardboiled detective story, you may have come across a sentence like 'I jammed the roscoe in his button and said, "Close your yap, bo, or I squirt metal."'. This dictionary will assist you in interpreting what the author is  trying to say, in plain English.

Hinduism - Not only a glossary but a whole wealth of information on the Hindi faith.

History - World history seen through entries on significant people, places and events from The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, which contains definitive and comprehensive information on all the fields of essential human knowledge from ancient to cutting-edge.

History of Ideas - The Dictionary of the History of Ideas can be browsed by analytical subject. There are seven areas to choose from, which are: Nature, Humanity, Art, History, Politics, Religion and Philosophy, and Maths and Logic. An interesting look into the minds of some of the world's greatest thinkers.

Horses - All you ever wanted to know about the different breeds of horse.

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Idioms and Phrases - The idiom dictionary is compiled from the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms and the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms.

Information Please - Dictionary Search gives you access to more than 125,000 entries, from aalii to zymurgy. There are also links to a thesaurus, encyclopedia, atlas, word quizzes and more. A very useful general resource.

Investment - A searchable database of over 5,000 terms involving investment.

This is more than just a dictionary as the site contains tutorials for budding to experienced stock investors, a stock simulator, market updates, a financial calculator and a whole lot more. Take a look here if you are thinking of playing the stock market.

Internet Marketing - Don't know your advertising metrics from your META tags? This is the place to visit.

Investor Words - From Investorwords.com. A searchable database with over 6.000 definitions and 20,000 links between words.

The definitions are well written and easy to understand.

Irish Writers - Just what it says.

Islam - A comprehensive, well written, glossary of the Islamic faith. The site also has links to pages describing Islamic beliefs, holidays and practices, amongst other things.

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Japanese Buddhism - From the author: This photo library and dictionary is a labor of love. After moving to Kamakura in 1993, I became intrigued by the many deities and faces of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. There are dozens of temples and shrines near my home, many dating from the 8th to 13th centuries, many open to the public. There are now 1,000+ photos in this library, ranging from the treasures of Kamakura to those of Nara, Kyoto, and elsewhere in Japan. Any mistakes or omissions are my responsibility. Highly recommended.

Judaism - A comprehensive glossary of the Jewish faith.

This site also contains links to pages explaining Jewish beliefs, practices, sects, texts and many other things; more of an encyclopedia of Judaism when taken in its entirety.

Jules Verne - This is a Who's Who in the world of Jules Verne. The foundation for this page is a listing of the characters from Jules Verne's novels, stories and plays and includes the character's name, the title of the book and a description of the part they play.

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Kitchen Dictionary - An excellent dictionary of kitchen terms and foods from Abalone to Zucchinis. It also has a very good recipe section. Highly recommended.

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Langenberg Dictionary Page - This site will probably answer any questions that you have. Not only are there several English language dictionaries to choose from but you can also refer to Rhyming, Crossword, Scrabble, Quotations, Anagram, Computing, Law, Synonym and Antonym dictionaries as well as a host of other goodies. Highly recommended.

Law - A dictionary searchable by either a legal term, a definition or by searching by initial letter. Comprehensive and easy to understand definitions.

Legal Glossary - Nolo's Legal Glossary is a life-raft in the sea of legal jargon. Do you need to know the meaning of 'sprinkling trust', 'toxic tort' or some equally puzzling legal term? Look it up here. The glossary contains plain-English definitions for hundreds of legal terms, from the common to the bizarre

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Maths for Kids - An excellent picture dictionary which is ideal for teaching children to understand mathematical terms through interactive animations.

Medical - This site also contains information on Health Topics, Drugs and Supplements, an encyclopedia and many other resources.

Medical Terms - This online medical dictionary is the medical reference for MedicineNet.com, containing easy-to-understand explanations of over 16,000 medical terms. This online medical dictionary provides quick access to hard-to-spell and often misspelled medical definitions through an extensive alphabetical listing.

Mental Health - From the Nation Mental Health Information Center in America. Contains a comprehensive listing of terms together with links and documents that can be read (in pdf format).

Merriam-Webster On-Line - A searchable dictionary and thesaurus from Merriam-Webster. There's a lot more to this site including a daily crossword puzzle, word games and a daily podcast, to name but a few of the features to be found here.

Military Terms - From this page you can browse the DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. Includes abbreviations and acronyms.

Mining, Minerals and Related Terms - The EduMine Dictionary of Mining, Minerals and Related Terms is a dictionary of more than 26,000 terms and definitions with extensive cross-referencing. Original content was compiled by the US Bureau of Mines. This XML version was translated and is supported by EduMine

Mormonism - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christian but is neither Catholic nor Protestant. This site contains not only a glossary but also a wealth of information about the Mormon faith.

MSN Encarta Dictionary - More of a children's dictionary than a full source of the English language as offensive words have been omitted. (Hint: Try putting 'bollocks' in and see what happens).

Mythology Dictionary from Answers.com - Mythological figures from Achilles to Zeus as well as important concepts and terminology from The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, which contains definitive and comprehensive information on all the fields of essential human knowledge from ancient to cutting-edge.

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Nautical - The SeaTalk Dictionary of English Nautical Language is a free database source of information about all things nautical. The database now contains almost 3000 terms, making this the most comprehensive nautical dictionary available.

Nonexistent words - Includes such useful entries as: Yurp v. Having a burp slip out in the middle of a big yawn.

Nonverbal Gestures, Signs and Body Language Cues - Items in this Dictionary have been researched by anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, linguists, psychiatrists, psychologists, semioticians, and others who have studied human communication from a scientific point of view.

Nutritional Values - Common items of food reveal their secrets: how much/many calories, fat, protein, cholesterol, etc. are lurking in the foods on your plate. Makes menu planning a snap. From Answers.com.

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Operas - This list of operas and related terms provides the opera's composer and a synopsis of the story.

Oxford University Press - Although you have to subscribe to the full on-line edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, this link takes you to the Advanced Learner's edition, which is good enough for most people.

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Paranormality - You'll find everything here from 'Abominable Snowman' to 'Zooform Phenomena'.

Pesticides - Everything to do with pesticide terms but not a dictionary of specific pesticides.

Phobias - Did you know that 'Sesquipedalophobia' is a fear of long words?

Photographic Terms - This Digital Dictionary is on hand for whenever you come across a photographic term you don't understand.

Photonics - The Photonics Dictionary contains more than 6000 industry-related terms, along with acronyms, abbreviations and illustrations.

Physics - If you thought a 'bottom quark' was something you kept quiet about in a lift (elevator for our friends across the big pond) then you're wrong. An excellent resource for anything concerning physics.

Picture Dictionary - A very good learning resource for children. Adults can use this too as there are versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish as well.

Pigs - All you ever wanted to know about the different breeds of pigs.

Plasma - From Absolute Plasma Instabilities to Z-Pinch, this one's got it all (including words such as magnetohydrodynamically).

Poisonous Plants - An index of 43 poisonous plants containing comprehensive notes on their history and effects.

Poker - An index of poker terms and their definitions. Everything from A-Game to Zuke.

Poker Glossary - This poker glossary will give you definitions of a list of terms, abbreviations and acronyms that are commonly used in poker (and some are specific to online poker).

Politically Incorrect Dictionary - In a world gone mad with political correctness this is a breath of fresh air.

Prisoner's Dictionary - A dictionary of terms and slang used in prisons.

Programming Languages - For all you computer geeks out there.

Pseudo Dictionary - A dictionary of pseudo words that won't find their way into normal dictionaries.

Psychology Diagnosis - Think you're going nuts? Check out your symptoms here.

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Quotations - A rich source of quotations from the famous to the infamous. Well worth browsing.

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Rap - The Rap Dictionary is the oldest and ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang. To me rap is crap without the c, but if it's your thing then this is the place to be (bro).

Recipes - Not really a dictionary but an interesting look at herbal recipes and cures from the past. Includes recipes for Rose-Petal Sandwiches,  Cucumber Ointment and a cure for hemorrhoids

Rhyming Dictionary (1) - Allows you to find words that rhyme, synonyms, definitions and much, much more.

Rhyming Dictionary (2) - For poets and songwriters.

Roget's Thesaurus - The original thesaurus, updated for the Internet.

Roget's II: The New Thesaurus - From Yahoo! Education. An alternative to the above.

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Scientific Quotations - A non-searchable list of quotations from eminent persons - from Archimedes (Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth) to Richard Wooley, UK Astronomer Royal, ("Space travel is utter bilge" - one year before the launch of Sputnik). There are also some other notable quotes here - take, for instance, the founder of IBM (Thomas Watson) who said "I think there's a world market for about 5 computers". Well worth a look at.

Scientists - Another excellent site from Answers.com.

Scottish Slang - An interesting guide to the often mystifying slang language of the Scots.

Scrabble- From Hasbro, the makers of Scrabble. Helps you settle challenges during game play or build words from those difficult tiles

Shakespearian/Elizabethan Dictionary - The language used in the works of the Bard is rich and colourful, but many of his odd words are no longer in current use or in modern dictionaries and the origins and meanings of the Elizabethan vocabulary are totally unfamiliar. This dictionary takes away some of the confusion of the language.

Sheep - All you ever wanted to know about breeds of sheep.

Skeptic's Dictionary - A collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions and dangerous delusions. Everything from Abracadabra to Zombies. Check out 'ear candling'.

Social Sciences - Conflicts between your autonomic reactivity and your null hypothesis? This is the place to get to grips with those social science words and terms.

Solar System Exploration - From NASA. This is more of an encyclopedia as it also contains links to a wealth of information on the solar system, NASA missions and many other areas of interest.

Somerset Dictionary - The greater majority of the words given are in common use today. Many, however, may only be heard in isolated parts of Somerset and some are no longer in modern day usage. From the BBC.

Sound-Alike Words - Do you ever get confused over decent, descent or dissent or maybe between cite, sight and site? Then this is the place to go to. An unusual and informative site (or should that be sight or cite?)

Speech - The aim of the Speech Internet Dictionary is to provide concise definitions of technical terms used in phonetics, phonology, speech and hearing science and allied disciplines.

Strange and Unusual Dictionaries - Check out the dictionaries of all-vowel words, all-consonant words, one-letter words and magic words, amongst others.

Suggestive Dictionary - An English dictionary that suggests words as you type. Helps to explore new words and meanings.

Sustainability - A topic on many people's minds at present.

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Theology - There are 384 entries in the listing that includes Christian, occult, and New Age terms ranging from A.D. to Zodiac.

Tree Biology - A very good resource of information about wood and its related topics, interspersed with some excellent photographs.

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Units, Measures and Conversions - This site provides a summary of most of the units of measurement to be found in use around the world today (and a few of historical interest), together with the appropriate conversion factors needed to change them into a 'standard' unit of the SI.

Urban Dictionary - An often hilarious dictionary of modern-day youth-speak.

Urologic Diseases - This dictionary defines words that are often used when people talk (or write) about urologic diseases.

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Verse - With thousands of poems by hundreds of authors, Bartleby.com offers one of the largest free collections of verse on the web.

Visual Dictionary - A dictionary which will search for a graphic of the word you enter. Good fun.

Visuwords - On-line graphical dictionary. Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate. Highly recommended.

Vulgar Tongue - A dictionary of the slang of the British underworld produced in 1811.

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Weapons - All you need to know about modern military weaponry.

Wiktionary - The English-language Wiktionary is a collaborative project to produce a free, multilingual dictionary with definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations. Wiktionary is the lexical companion to the open-content encyclopedia Wikipedia. In this English edition, started on December 12, 2002, they currently have 307,838 entries in 389 languages.

Windsurfing - A comprehensive windsurfing dictionary from Windance containing many diagrams and pictures to back up the explanations of the terms

Note: In order to access the dictionary you must click on the 'INFORMATION' drop-down menu at the top of the page, scroll down to 'Dictionary' and select the initial letter of the word or term you wish to look up.

Wine - Now with over 1,060 words and 660 "live" pronunciations.

Wine Terms - Just as there are many kinds of wine throughout the world, the vocabulary used when describing wine is vast and potentially confusing. Learn to navigate the wine world with confidence with the Vino! Glossary of Wine Terms.

Wordsmyth - An excellent 0n-line dictionary which also contains anagram and crossword clue solvers as well as other resources.

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Yachting - Taken from the 1913 edition of the Dixon Kemp Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing and Architecture.

Although old by today's standards the terms are still relevant.

Yorkshire for the Year 1882 - Containing the names of all the Towns, Villages, Hamlets, Gentlemen's Seats, &c. in the County of York, alphabetically arranged under the headings of the North, East, and West Ridings. Also in what Parish, Township, Wapentake, Division and Liberty they are situated.

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