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Have you ever dreamt of living in Paradise? Of just buying a plot of land on a tropical island and designing and building your own dream house, or of even just buying a beautiful house set in lush gardens and relaxing by your own pool?

Koh Samui, on Thailand's south-east coast, has grown from a sleepy island frequented by a few backpackers looking for the ideal getaway, to a high-quality destination where the low cost of land and construction guarantees that you can build your dream house for a lot less than in most western countries.

I currently have land for sale, besides property for sale, lease or rent on behalf of myself and friends, and can offer:

  • introductions to trusted local solicitors and accountants who can assist you in the legalities of setting up your dream in Thailand.

  • introductions to local architects, builders and craftsmen who can help you realise your dream.

  • management of your project in your absence to ensure that the building work is kept on schedule and within budget.

  • assistance post-completion with setting up the necessary accounts with utility providers, insurance agents etc. and put you in touch with companies who can manage the maintenance of your property should you be absent.

  •  assistance in renting out your property to realize an income, should you choose to do so while you are absent.

After retiring to Koh Samui in 2005 I designed and built my own multimillion baht house, views of which are shown in the last two photographs to the right. I have assisted others in realising their dreams and have overseen many projects, to the complete satisfaction of the property owners.

In addition, I manage property for owners who are away from Koh Samui and have staff readily available for building maintenance, swimming pool maintenance and garden maintenance. You can also rest assured that your bills will be paid while you are away whether they be for electricity or satellite television services, etc.

Now is a good time to buy/build for retirement. Build your dream home now and you have your own luxury holiday home available until you are ready to stop working. Just let me know when you are arriving for a holiday and I can ensure that your home is ready for you, that suitable transport is available (should you wish to hire a car while you are here) and that someone is there to collect you from the airport.

Remember that I am basically retired on Koh Samui and so am here virtually all the year round. I live here with my Thai wife and our three adopted children (as well as two golden retrievers and a Persian cat) and this ensures that I am here to keep an eye on your investment. Whatever you decide you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands and is being professionally managed.

This portion of the web site is in its infancy at present but will eventually expand to include a range of properties and resources - and it may even spawn its own site at some time in the future.



Much credit must go to Caroline Rooney. We worked together on a sister site (www.my-koh-samui-paradise.com) at one time and she has kindly allowed me to use some of the content from there.

The following publications were used when compiling text for this website - Info Around Samui - courtesy of Samui Community Publications www.samuicommunity.com

Bangkok & the Beaches Handbook (Joshua Eliot & Jane Bickersteth) Published by Footprint books www.footprintbooks.com