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OK. So I'm into food and I guess you are too or you wouldn't be here - right?

Forget about paying huge sums for glossy cookbooks. These days, chefs earn enough money from their TV appearances to keep them comfortably in truffles. So while you have a computer and a connection to the outside world why not tap into the many resources available on the Internet?

I've listed some of my favourite sites below but if you know of any that are better just e-mail me the details and I'll include them in the listing (using the email link on the Home page).

Note: This page is for people who enjoy their food and appreciate the flavour of calories. However, for the more health-conscious amongst you, I have added some links to healthy eating sites as well as weight-watchers recipes.

Bon Appetite!

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Afri Chef - A series of recipes taken from The African Recipes Cook Book.

Allotment Growing Recipes - If you grow your own fruit or vegetables then this one is a must. As it says on the site: 'If  you grow your own vegetables then you are going to be interested in the quality of your food. Having grown the perfect cabbage you don’t really want to boil it for 2 hours!' Plenty of information for growing your food and eating it.

All Recipes - Plenty of recipes to be found in this bright, well-presented site.

Airline Meals - Everything you ever wanted to know about airline food.

Alaska Seafood Recipes - Stunning seafood recipes. Don't worry if you can't get the exact fish specified in the recipe, just substitute a local fish.

Appetizers - Not only appetizers but good party nibbles as well. What better way to entertain your guests. (Give them a beer - Ed.).

Arab Gateway - Arabic recipes plus lots more!

Asda - A British supermarket chain presents it's range of recipes.

Asian Home Recipe - Stacks of recipes from around Asia.

Asian Recipe - Everything from Afghanistan to Vietnam. Contains tips on cooking methods, herbal remedies, and much more.

Baby Recipes - No, not how to make babies. This is how to make interesting food for your tot aged from 4 months old to 12 months. (Starts with purees - easy to go down and easy to come up). From Babyworld.

Back of the Box Recipes - You know those recipes you find on the back of boxes that you always mean to cut out and keep? This site is a collection of hundreds of them. Remember that you can always substitute other brands if the one stated in the recipe isn't available.

Baking Mad - Contains over 200 delicious bread recipes, with options for both traditional baking and bread machines.

Baking Bites - This really is an excellent site - a rare find. It has literally hundreds of first class baking recipes. A big thank you to Nicole Weston for producing this wonderful resource.

Barbecues and Grilling - Everything you wanted to know about barbecues with plenty of scrumptious recipes thrown in for good measure.

BBC Food Recipes - From the BBC in England. Plenty of recipes and tips taken mainly from the many excellent TV cookery programmes the BBC produces.

Beef for Dinner - A host of delicious beef recipes plus cooking tips.

Beef and Steak Site - Just what it says. Also contains free downloadable cookery books (in Acrobat format).

Bengali - Want to impress your friends with a Bengali meal?  This is the place to pick up some interesting recipes.

Be-Ro Flour - You'll find great ideas for all kinds of recipes here, from quick and easy meals through to recipes for the baking expert.

Betty Crocker - Amazingly enough, not all of the recipes contain a packet of Betty Crocker instant whatever. There are some good recipes and cooking tips to be found here.

Bob and Angie's Japanese Recipes - Many recipes plus tips for Japanese cooking.

Breadnet - The free internet bread recipe archive.

Bread Recipes - Not only bread recipes but biscuits, buns and muffins as well.

Breakfast and Brunch Recipes - Muffins, French toast, waffles, pancakes and a stack of other fattening stuff.

Breakfast - More breakfast recipes (and videos) from Mr. Breakfast (who else but?) Check out the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Muffins. Name a healthier way to start your day!

Buffalo Recipes - Buffalo or Bison? Whatever! Some tasty recipes for meat eaters.

Burgers - Stacks of recipes for burgers plus toppings, games and much more. If you like your burgers, this is the place to visit.

Cacao Web - Cooking with chocolate and cocoa. Many interesting recipes and lots of good links.

Candy Recipes - Food for when you get the urge to indulge in a few (who am I kidding?) calories.

Caribbean Choice - Caribbean cooking and recipes forum.

Caribbean Recipes - From Caribbean Connoisseur.

Caribbean and West Indian Recipes - The Afrocentric experience!

Carnation - Your home for pudding ideas. Everyone's favourite condensed milk used in a variety of delicious ways to produce fattening morsels of gastronomic delight. Enjoy!

Channel 4 Food - From the UK's Channel 4 TV. Excellent site with very good recipes. Also features food from famous chefs and food-related articles.

Chef Club - More than just recipes. Become a member of the club and join in the many forums.

ChilliWorld - Whether you're a hardened chilli-head or a newcomer to the world of chilli and pepper sauces, this site aims to please.

Chinese Cuisine - All you wanted to know about Chinese food.

Chinese Food DIY - Over 500 recipes with plenty of cooking tips.

Chinese Food Index - Not only recipes but lots of information on China as well.

Chinese Recipes - Thousands of recipes from Chef 2 Chef.

Chocolate - Absolutely decadent recipes from Godiva. See also Hershey's Kitchens.

Chow Down Under - Aussie tucker from a lass called Linda.

Coffee Recipes - And much, much more. If you like coffee then indulge yourself here.

Congo Cookbook - Traditional cooking and easy, everyday recipes from Africa, plus observations about African cuisine and food.

Cooking for Children - This is a wonderful resource. I started cooking in the kitchen with my mother at a very early age and have always been able to look after myself (and my stomach). There is so much more to working in the kitchen than just cooking - hygiene, safety, weighing and measuring, nutrition, food from different cultures ... the list goes on. Many thanks to Melanie for letting me know about this link.

Cookie Recipes - Cookies/Biscuits for all occasions (except dieting).

Cooking Cache - 'With a collection of almost 7,000 recipes and growing'.

Cooking for Engineers - You shouldn't go wrong with any of these excellent recipes. Each set of instructions is accompanied by step by step photographs to show you exactly what the food should look like at each stage.

Cook it simply - Hundreds (maybe thousands - I didn't count them) of delicious recipes from around the world. A site well worth visiting. - A positive cornucopia of recipes!

Cooks Recipes - A premier cooking and recipe site with 15,000 recipes (and growing).

Connie's Cornish Kitchen - Authentic Cornish recipes. Check out Connie's figgie hobbins!

CopyKat - You've tasted it in the restaurants and fast food chains, now make it yourself at home!

Correct Cooking Temperatures - Katie Colburn has done a considerable amount of research in putting this site together. It is full of important information on the correct cooking temperatures for meat, poultry and seafood in order that harmful bacteria, that may be present when the food is in its raw state, be destroyed.

Country Living - This on-line version of the magazine offers many interesting recipes. Take a look at  the Spanish section.

Creole and Cajun Recipe Page - Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red Beans 'n Rice, Shrimp Creole and a whole lot more....!

Culinary School - offers a wide variety of culinary courses for everyone from the aspiring professional chef to the backyard grill master.

Delia Online - The acclaimed Queen of Cookery, Delia Smith's site has not only wonderful recipes but an excellent 'How to do' section as well. This site is well worth visiting.

Delicious Magazine - An on-line version of Delicious magazine. Full of wonderful recipes and good articles. Better than the real magazine as you get access to all of the great recipes.

Dog Treats - Lots of dog treat recipes plus links to other sites. Rover will love you for this.

Drink Nation - I'd love to know how they get some of the names of the cocktails. Sex with Jennifer! Who is/was Jennifer?

Drink Recipes - This site collects drink recipes and cocktail recipes from the web's savviest cocktail and bartending enthusiasts and presents them in an easy to find online guide for you.

Drinks Mixer - Probably the most comprehensive drinks site on the Internet.

Easy Thai Food Collection - Oodles of recipes for some of the world's best food.

Easy French Food Easy French food includes lots of tested easy recipes for the novice cook as well as entertaining information about the culture and food of France. 

Easy Recipes - Dedicated to making nutritious eating easier for working people by providing guides for quick and easy home cooking, a database of thousands of recipes, and easy cooking videos. 

Eat Greek Tonight - The taste of Greece (not grease), right there in your kitchen.

eCook - Recipes, articles, tips and shopping from Allyson Gofton in New Zealand.

Eggs - Get cracking in the kitchen with recipes for every meal from breakfast to supper.

Egg Recipes - Frittatas, soufflés and many other good ways to cook eggs.

Egyptian Recipes - Recipes from the Land of the Pyramids and from surrounding countries which have influenced Egyptian cooking.

Encyclopedia of Spices - If you are into cooking then you must be into spices. This site not only tells you about various spices but also give you tips on storing them, using them in cooking and also their medicinal uses. An excellent site well worth looking at.

Epicurious - Over 16,000 recipes - and a whole lot more.

Favorite Freezer Foods - This excellent site teaches you just about everything you need to know about freezing your food (which in turn will lead to you eating healthier food and saving money). It also has some wonderful recipes. Michelle Zack has produced a great site and it is well worth visiting.

Filipino Recipes - Adobo, lumpia and all of your favourites - from Recipe Source.

Fine Cooking - An excellent resource from The Taunton Press for people who love to cook.

Fish and Seafood - a host of delicious recipes from Cook It Simply.

Flora's Recipe Hideout - Cakes, cookies, pies, etc. Lots of sweet things to make you drool - plus Flora's Favorites! Many links to other sites.

Food and Drink - Great site from How to order sushi, fake being a wine expert, learn to barbecue and lots more.

Food Down Under - A great site featuring recipes from around the world.

Foodgeeks - Plenty of recipes. Allows you to enter your own recipes and to create your own on-line cookbook.

Food Network - A searchable database of recipes from around the world.

Free Recipes from the Early 1900's - Just like grandma's grandma used to make.

French Cooking - French recipes from Recipe Source.

French Cuisine - Stacks of recipes including French Canadian and Belgian.

Funky Munky - Traditional recipes from South Africa.

Gil's Portuguese Recipes - Great food from the country that hosted Euro 2004.

German Food - Recipes from a German Grandma's kitchen.

Good Cooking - A gastronomic and gourmet cooking resource.

Gordon Ramsay's Recipes - You either love this guy or you hate him. Personally, I...............well, never mind that. Some great recipes from one of the masters.

Gourmet Recipes - From Free Gourmet Recipes. Includes 'healthy' recipes as well!

Greek Recipe dot com - Excellent site containing a great many recipes.

Hawaiian Recipes - Lots of dishes from Hawaii - but I couldn't spot Long Pig anywhere!

Healthy Recipes - From Mayo Clinic. Lots of tasty recipes for a healthy lifestyle to be found here.

Hershey's Kitchens - A collection of recipes for chocolate lovers. (Hint: You don't have to use Hershey's chocolate).

Icelandic Cooking and Recipes - Not just all whale meat and seals!

Ice Cream - Loads of tips and recipes for ice cream, sorbets and gelato. Yummy!

Indian Delicacies - The complete Indian recipe site (or that's what it says, anyway).

Indian Cuisine - Authentic recipes from Vandana Dubey's recipe site.

Indian Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food - Contains 'mushrooms' under non-vegetarian dishes. Now what kind of animal is that?

In the Spirit - A good selection of cocktails to keep your guests entertained while you are in the kitchen. In fact forget the food, join your guests and phone for a pizza!

Iowa State Universities Tasty Insect Recipes - For the more adventurous cook.

Italyum - Real Italian recipes - real easy! Very easy to follow recipes accompanied by photographs of each stage.

Jamie Oliver - Mouth-watering recipes from this annoying but talented chef.

Japanese Food - About Japanese Food dot com. Everything you need to know from recipes to table etiquette.

Japanese Recipe Collection - Raw fish anyone?

Jayne's Greek Recipes - A home-made site with some delicious recipes - from an English girl living in Greece.

Jewish Food - Classic Jewish food recipes from around the world.

Jewish Recipes - From Food network.

Joy of Baking - Scrumptious recipes for baked desserts - and much more. Very yummy (and slightly fattening, I suspect).

Kellogg Kitchens Recipes - Visit this site to find that you can do much more with your breakfast cereals than pour milk on them.

Kerrygold - You've eaten their butter now try their recipes. Excellent recipes using (of course) Kerrygold butter - but I won't tell anyone if you use another brand. Check out the Lurpak site as well.

Kidshealth - An excellent site for children's food. Lots of recipes for children to make (with adult supervision) as well as recipes for children with various disorders and intolerances.

Korean Kitchen - Over 70 recipes from Korea.

Kitchen Link - You could spend literally hours playing with this site. Your guide to what's cooking on the net.

Korean Recipes - From Recipe Source.

Lakeland - Excellent recipes and kitchenware from the company that has been voted the Best Multiple Housewares Retailer in England. Well worth viewing.

Lebanese Recipes - A great selection from Recipe Source.

Leite's Culinaria - Delicious recipes from Portugal.

Liqueur Drink Recipes - Need to entertain your guests while you are slaving away in the kitchen over a hot stove? This is the site you require. (As long as they're not all legless by the time you serve the food - Ed).

Little Ma's Recipe Corner - Stacks of Chinese recipes categorized by region.

Love Chef - A cooking celebrity with spice ... that's one way to describe Francis Anthony. You may decide otherwise.

Love Pork - Pdf files of delicious pork recipes - both booklets and individual - that you can browse on screen or save. The illustrations make you drool! Thank you so much, British pigs.

Lurpak - Mouth-watering recipes from everyone's favourite butter makers.

Lyle's Golden Syrup - Part of the diet of every child of my generation. Plenty of recipes using this Nectar of the Gods.

Makan Time - A guide to everything that's good about food from Singapore. Contains a good section on Thai food as well.

Malay Recipes - Stacks of Malay recipes from The Star, Malaysia's leading English-language newspaper.

Maria's Cookbook - Totally yummy recipes from Brazil.

Meals for You - Find recipes according to diet, taste, time and nutrition.

Meals dot com - 15,000 recipes with sections on Italian and Mexican food.

Meals Matter - Meals Matter promotes healthy food choices and strives to assist the family meal preparer in making healthy meal planning decisions that lead to better health. A good site to visit after pigging out on everything else.

Mealtime - From the Canned Food Alliance. A site promoting the use of canned foods!

Meatmatters - The home of British meat recipes.

Medieval Recipe Translations - Just pop down to your local supermarket for a swan or two and a few flagons of ale.

Mediterranean Recipes -  The best recipes from around the Mediterranean region, including Greek. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Middle-Eastern dishes and more.

Mega-Zine's Recipe Index - Almost 90,000 recipes! No fancy graphics, java scripts, etc. here - just a simple, fast site.

Mexican Food and Recipes - A great site for Mexican food from It's not all refried beans!

Mex-Recipes - A Mexican recipe site put together by a couple who spent twenty years in the restaurant business - so they should know something. Clear instructions and good recipes.

Middle Eastern Recipes - A whole range of recipes from the Arab world.

MSN House and Home - Cook and entertain the Microsoft way! Thanks Bill.

My Cooking Hut - Multifarious recipes from around the world. Well worth taking a squint at.

My Recipes - A site boasting 50,000 + recipes. These should keep you happy for a week or two!

New Kerala - One of the best Indian recipe sites around. You'll find much, much more besides.

Nibbledish - Excellent recipes and excellent photography. If you are not inspired by this site you might as well go out and buy a takeaway.

Nigella Lawson's Recipe Index - The glamorous queen of TV cooking (although I think she's a bit on the plump side - but everyone to their own taste). She makes all of her recipes sound so simple - but so scrumptious. Well worth a visit.

Offal Recipes - From Recipes 4 Us. If you're into liver, heart and kidneys this is the place for you.

Old Australian Recipes - What people eat Down Under. This site has hundreds of old (and some modern) Australian foods with links to humour, history and more......

Ostrich Recipes - Some good recipes for this healthy meat option - plus lots of information on ostrich meat.

Out of the Frying Pan - An amusing site with some good recipes. Check out the Beer-Butt Chicken!

Pastries - Feast your eyes on some of these recipes from The French Pastry Chef, and be prepared to drool!

Persian Cuisine - Ever wondered what they eat in Iran? Here's your chance to make it yourself at home - or to get your partner to make it for you!

Pork Tenderloin Recipes - Many mouth-watering recipes for this delicious cut of meat. I'm drooling at the thought!

Quaker Oatmeal - More than just porridge. Plenty of things to do with your oats - and they can be healthy!

Recipe Centre - Recipes, software, a quiz, games and a whole lot more. Excellent site.

Recipe Gal - A good, fast site with a section on ethnic recipes from many parts of the world.

Recipe Goldmine - Thousands of recipes (including a section on Amish recipes!) and links to all manner of other sites. You could spend literally hours with this one.

Recipe Ideas - Your old fashioned paper cookbook just isn't big enough to hold the number of recipes listed here.

Recipe Joint - Stacks of recipes from the four corners of the world (why do we say that?).

Recipe Land -™ is a great online cooking community where home cooks and chefs from around the world gather together to share their favorite recipes, and recipe experiences.

Recipe Search - Search 250,000 recipes from one easy form.

Recipe Source - Source recipes by ethnic region or type. Got Tibetan friends popping round? Knock up some momo's in minutes.

Recipe Tips - If there was ever a 'complete' recipe/cookery site for American-style food then this one has to be it.

Regional Recipes - Recipes from various regions around the world.

Retro Food Recipes - Classic dishes just how your mother (grandmother?) used to make them. This is real cooking!

Rice Gourmet - One way of understanding the culinary genius of various ethnic cuisines is by cooking their rice. This site brings to you delectable rice recipes from countries all over the world

Robbie's Recipes - An excellent site with stacks of great recipes.

Russian Recipes - Ever wonder what Russians eat? Find out here.

Sainsbury's - The best supermarket chain in England (in my humble opinion) presents its own recipe site - and much more besides.

Salad Recipes - If you thought a salad was just a piece of lettuce with a sliced tomato then think again.

Salsa - Here you will find great homemade salsa recipes to fuel your passion for one of the worlds favorite foods.

Salvatore's Kitchen - Good selection of recipes from around the world.

Scandinavian Recipes - Not all fish. Take a look and be surprised.

Science of Cooking - Fascinating site full of information and recipes.

Scottish Beef and Lamb - This site has plenty of recipes for you to get your teeth into - all made with Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb. Tip: Use New Zealand lamb or Australian beef if you can't get the real thing.

Scottish Recipe Web Site - Delectable recipes from the land of Braveheart.

Seafish - Seafish is a non-departmental public body established in 1981 to support the UK seafood industry from ‘sea to plate’. They have a very good section full of delicious recipes. Maybe the only place you'll want to visit for seafood recipes.

Simply Seafood - Just what it says - but also contains some interesting articles on cooking techniques and a seafood guide.

Smoothies - The definitive on-line collection of free high-quality smoothie recipes.

Smucker's Recipes - A whole range of food dishes and drinks that you can prepare with Smucker's products - and it's not all peanut butter!

Soupsong - The ultimate soup site with everything from recipes and tips to soup jokes!

Sri Lankan Delights - Authentic recipes courtesy of Lakmali Hewa.

Still Tasty - How long will your favourite food or beverage stay safe and tasty? What is the best way to store it? Get the answers for thousands of items at this excellent site.

Stuart's Chinese Recipes - A host of Chinese recipes for you to enjoy.

Student Recipes - 'Quick and easy cooking for the lazy student' (that's what the site says). Now we know why most students look undernourished.

Sue's Recipe Server - Select by country from A to Z or by category. An extensive resource.

Sugarvine - A collection of signature dishes from the restaurants of Devon and Cornwall, England. There are some excellent recipes to be found here.

Tabasco Pepperfest - Some like it HOT! All manner of recipes from the king of hot sauces.

Thai Favorites - Mouth-watering recipes from Recipe Source.

Thai Table - These recipes are will enable you to cook authentic Thai food just like people eat in Thailand every day.

Tesco - Everybody's favourite supermarket chain presents their very own recipe site. Give it a try.

The Curry House - Recipes from India and Pakistan plus a selection of authentic Thai curries.

The Foody - An excellent site with over 1,000 recipes, plus other resources. Check out the Clogged Artery Cake (but don't eat too much).

The Secret of Korean Food - Korean cuisine, recipes and a lot more.

Traditional Scottish Recipes - Recipes from the Land of the Haggis! How do you like your bannocks?

Turkish Recipes - A good selection from Recipe Source.

Trailerboat Fisherman - Excellent source of fish recipes and tips on fish cooking.

UKTV Food - Excellent site. Possibly the only food site that you'll need.

Urban Fare - Great site with plenty of scrumptious dishes to prepare.

Vegan Society - The website starts by stating: 'There is a popular misconception that veganism is all about depriving yourself of certain foods. Nothing could be further from the truth.' So where's the beef, lamb and pork recipes? And what planet are Vegans really from?

Vegetarian Society - Some of these recipes look almost tasty - as long as there's a side order of a T-bone steak as well.

Visual Recipes - Lots of wonderful recipes accompanied by photographs of the various stages of preparation and cooking. You can't go wrong if you follow these through.

Waitrose -  This British supermarket chain offers a superb site with over 5,000 recipes, 'How to' videos, an A to Z food and cookery glossary, a weight converter and much, much more. Highly recommended.

Webtender - Drinks recipes, bartending guide, bar games and links. Keep your guests happy while you cook.

Weight Loss Resources - So you've scoffed all of the food, you are as fat as a pig - and now you blame me for your corpulent figure. Visit this site for some good advice on losing some of that flab. 

Weird and Different Recipes - Lists such recipes as Jellied Moose Nose, Fried Beaver Tail and Baked Seal Flippers with Vegetables. Enjoy!

Weird Foods From Around the World - Some really strange stuff to be found here. Visit this site if you dare.

Weight Watcher Recipes - If you've ploughed your way through the above links you'll probably need to visit this site. Oddly enough some of the recipes even sound good.

Welsh recipes - Tastes of Wales - and not a rarebit to be found!

What to drink - I've tried all of the recipes in the previous drink-related sites and I'm not sure if I can manage another one - hic!

World of Creative Cookery - Contains a selection of good recipes plus a guide to matching wines with food.

YumYum dot com - The recipe page for everyday cooks. Contains 20,000 recipes.

Ziyad dot com - Delicious recipes from the Middle East.



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